Fable - The Lost Chapters

Fable - The Lost Chapters 2016

Fable The Lost Chapters is a role-playing game developed by Lionhead Studios

Fable - The Lost Chapters is a role-playing game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft. This is an expansion for Fable which presents all the content found in the original with the addition of such new features as monsters, weapons, alignment based spells, items, armour, towns, buildings, etc.

With further expansion, like nine new areas and sixteen additional quests, this role-playing game gives great freedom to determine the skills, appearance, and even the nature of your character, as well as a large number of characters, settings and countless secrets that can be discovered during the course of the game. With different missions available, both major and secondary, you have the chance to decide the path your character will take. Whether the path of good or evil, the character should physically evolve into a reflection of his actions. As it is defined, the people of Albion will react to his appearance and his actions, either with laughter, teasing, fear or even love.

The idea of Fable is the start of the life of a character who remains without a guide since childhood and can take the path of good or evil. Every event marks a choice which later generates changes on his physical appearance and also on the NPC's attitudes towards him. Ultimately, the idea of Fable is that of experimentation rather than a single script with an adventure story. Despite the fact that this game has a well made script and story, maybe it is somewhat traditional; however, it is specific and meets its goal quite well and also retains some interesting surprises.

The technical section is still very striking, the graphics of the game are very good, as well as its effects. Detailed scenarios maintain a very high quality standard.

Review summary


  • All the good points of the previous game combined with extras result in a much more complete game


  • None
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